Celebrating the magic of Marionettes
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     We are proud to present our line of fine wooden marionettes, animated wooden sculptures to delight, entertain and amuse. Sturdily constructed of hardwood, felt, fabric and leather, all of our marionettes achieve an exciting, magically realistic movement with a simple, one-hand operation. 

Marionette "Personalities"


Animal Marionettes


     The marionettes are rich in color and generous in size (sizes noted in the pages that follow are vertical measurements of the marionettes themselves, without strings and control-bar).

Marionette Horses
Dinosaur Marionettes



     Should they ever become tangled, they feature a unique, tangleproof string design that makes untangling a snap.

     As an option, the hardwood Display-stands pictured with the marionettes keep them neatly displayed and ready for action. 

About us

     These remarkable ‘Motion-Sculptures’ operate fluidly in 4 real dimensions.  All styles come attractively packaged with simple operating instructions included.  

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