Celebrating the magic of Marionettes

Marionette Horses

Bronco Buck
Bronco Buck Marionette

10" Tall - Hoof to Hat

       A simple rocking of the control bar is all it takes to bring this wonderful horse to an easy trot or full gallop.  Each horse head is carved by hand and the colorful cowboy is hand-painted.
       The optional Display-Stand, shown here, keeps the marionette neatly displayed on any shelf or desktop and ready for action.


     Proudly mounted on its display stand, this classic Knight becomes a poseable wooden sculpture that will enhance any room.

     The Horse's jet-black finish is deep, lustrous and slightly transparent, so that the rich wood  grain is visible - A wooden work of art at a very reasonable price.

Wild Horse Marionettes

     Anyone who has ever dreamed of taming a wild pony will thrill to imagine a ride on this horse's blanketed back. With just a little practice, this talented horse will run, trot, rear, bow and 'count' with amazing realism.

In Natural Finish

Wild Horse Marionette  in Natural

In Transparent Brown Finish

Wild Horse Marionette in Brown
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