Celebrating the magic of Marionettes


 Animal Magnetism...

                 ...they've got it!! Everyone is simply drawn to these uniquely animated  'Motion-sculptures'. They're drawn by the lifelike design, the sensational movement and the natural materials, beautifully finished. 

Giraffe Marionette

     With just two fingers on the control-bar, the giraffe lopes easily along as if it were roaming on the Serengeti Plain. Its spots are applied by wood-burning and no two are ever alike. Our Giraffe marionette is a completely original, animated wooden motion-sculpture at a very reasonable price.

Stands 14" Tall


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Bull Moose Marionette

         Though their temperment is mostly complacent and mild, the Bull Moose can be dangerous for its sheer size and its fearless unpredictablility.
     Any 'close encounter' with one of these magnificent creatures, whether on a woods path, by a quiet pond or even by car, is sure to make a lasting impression.
   The Moose is sculptured here in hardwood with a lustrous, transparent brown finish.

Siberian Tiger
Siberian Tiger

     Perhaps there is no creature on earth more awe-inspiring for its sheer animal power and beauty than the Siberian Tiger.  Reaching sizes over 700 pounds, it is the largest living cat in the world.
     Incomparably strong, yet quick, sensitive, stealthy and independent, individual Tigers have been known to stake out ranges of over 3000 square miles in far-eastern Siberia.
     Rendered here in White-birch hardwood the Tiger's stripes are applied with wood-burning over a lustrous orange finish. An impressive sculpture when still, it becomes an exciting 'motion-sculpture' in the hands of any playful person.

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Panther Marionette

     This legendary and mysterious 'Jungle-Cat' has a black satin finish over White-birch hardwood. The Marionette stands 6" tall and measures 11" long from nose to tail.

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