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Marionette Features


       Because the strings can easily be removed from the control bar, tangling is not a problem with our marionettes.   Even the worst tangles can be easily fixed by simply removing the strings from their slots at the bar, sorting and replacing them.  It takes less than a minute to go ...

...from this...

...to this...

...from this... ...to this...

...to THIS!

...to THIS !

Tags & Instructions

       Our marionettes are very easy to use -- this is perhaps their best feature. .
       Nonetheless, practice and some small amount of Instruction can accelerate the learning process for all of us toward bringing them to their full motion-potential.  For this, each marionette comes with an attractive name-tag which has simple instructions written on the back.

Tag Front
Tag Back


   All of our products come attractively packaged in heavy plastic bags with substantial cardboard headers. The finished marionettes come out of the package completely assembled and ready to work and the Display-stands are easily assembled WITHOUT tools.

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