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10" Tall x 16" Long

Brontosaurus Marionette

   Measuring 16 inches from nose to tail, this is one impressive long-neck dinosaur!  Watch the long, smooth strides of this fabled creature and imagine the ground-shaking beneath you.
   A rich, lustrous green and brown finish make this an animated wooden motion-sculpture of exceptional quality, worth keeping for a lifetime.

Brontosaurus - $39.00

Optional Display-stand + $15.00

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         The Stegosaurus is one of the most fascinating of dinosaurs.  Making one of these colorful twin Stegosaurus marionettes walk across the room will easily bring to mind the questions that have occured to all of us at one time --

"How BIG were they"?

"Why do they have those big things on their back"?

"What did they eat"?

         While their owners discover the answers to these fascinating questions, these wonderful sculptures in hardwood and leather stay neatly poised on their display-stands, ready for action.

Available in Red or Blue Styles


Stegosaurus - $39.00

Optional Display-stand + $15.00

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Stands 10" Tall


       The Dinosaur that needs no introduction has been brought magically to life in this fine wooden marionette.


       The head of this awesome Dinosaur is built from three layers of wood with gleaming white teeth carefully set in a mouth that's ready for a BIG BITE -- and eyes that seem to look at you!

Tyrannosaurus - $36.00

Optional Display-stand + $15.00

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